How to Get a Free PS3

Would you like to know how to get a free Sony Playstation 3 or PS3 for free? The PS3 is arguably the most powerful and most popular gaming console. It is also very useful because some may even employ it to play Blu-Ray films or play music videos. Some have even started to utilize it as part of a network of supercomputers.

Despite its popularity, it is also the most costly gaming console that has come out in the market. Thus, it would only be natural that many people will turn their heads when they hear something like a free PS3.

Get a Free PS3

There are actually several strategies for getting a free PS3 and the most popular one is signing up with a freebie company. This company is in the business of offering you a free PS3 and other popular devices if you consent to sign up and try some of the offers being touted by various companies. When you take part in one of the offers, such as a free trial for a dating site, the owner of this site will reward the freebie company with a commission. Because the more people take part in the offer, the larger the commission is, the freebie company tries to encourage people to sign up by offering them a free PS3. This is, of course, subject to a certain number of offers that you need to try and the number of referrals that you have made to the site. It is only after you have completed a number of points and made a certain number of referrals to your friends will you be given your free PS3.

Another way to get a free PS3 is to join one of those monthly contests found in gaming magazines where the prize is a PS3 console. Another way is to join an online contest being offered by gaming websites. Many of these sites actually get their PS3 units from Sony itself. They usually offer the PS3 as a prize to encourage more visitors to their site.

Another method to obtain a free PS3 is to have your own gaming-related website yourself or to publish your own magazine that is dedicated to gaming. However, the challenge would be on how to get a large number of visitors to your site or to have a large number of readers for your magazine so that Sony will become interested in providing you with a free PS3 for your review. For magazines, you usually need to target about 10,000 readers per issue and for the website, you might need to target at least 10,000 visitors every day. You will have to make sure that these are unique visitors, by the way.

The last technique that you may employ to get a free PS3 is affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you only need to promote the services or products of a particular company through an affiliate link. It is this link that records the number of referrals and that will earn points for you that can be converted to cash that in turn could be used to get a PS3.

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