Get a Free PS3 without Being Scammed

As amazing as it may seem, there is a way to get a free Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) and other similar high-tech consumer gadgets such as a Nintendo DS, a PSP, an Xbox 360, or even a laptop. Because of the proliferation of so many online scams, many people are justifiably worried that freebie sites are just out to cheat them after they have performed the various requirements to get that free PS3. It is only natural for them to think so because nobody in his right mind would give away something as expensive as a PS3 or even a laptop for nothing. At the very least, the freebie company might renege on its promise to send you that free PS3 after all the trouble that you have gone through. At the very worst, you might even have spent some money in your effort to get that PS3 as well.

It is advisable to really check any freebie company that is offering you one of these gadgets because even if they are legitimate it is very likely that they would have only their own interests in mind.

Free Playstation 3

Examples of Sites that Offer Free PS3s

WoW Prizes is currently the top site that we know of for getting your free Playstation 3. All you need to do is enter your email to pre-qualify and you’re then on your way to playing the very latest games in high-definition, not to mention taking advantage of the PS3′s blu-ray movie features, free online gaming, and more! Click here to check WoW Prizes and be on your way to claiming your console.

Gadget Center has updated its free offering to the newer, smaller, sleeker, larger HDD’ed PS3 Slim. To qualify for the Free PS3 Slim and get started on claiming yours, all you need to do is enter your email – it’s that easy! GadgetCenter is one of the only sites to concentrate solely on giving away the PS3 Slim, so make sure you do yourself a favor and at least take a look!

If it is Legitimate, Where do they get the Money to Purchase the Gadgets?

The gadgets that the companies provide are an incentive for you to participate in the various advertising programs and offers of reputable companies. Because the freebie companies were able to encourage you to try these offers, they get a commission from the advertising companies. You also need to sign up to qualify for the free PS3 and you would need to provide a real email address and other personal information. Don’t worry because if the company is legitimate, your confidential data will be protected. The beauty of the scheme is that after you have completed an offer or a number of offers, you will also need to refer some of your friends to the site to be able to qualify for the gift.

By the way, there might be two classes of offers depending on the number of offers that you would have to complete to be able to get the free PS3. In one class of offers, you may need to accomplish one offer to qualify but for the other class of offers, you may have to finish several of them because they have lesser weight because they are easier to do.

Remember to Always Read the Terms and Conditions

To avoid being disappointed about the results of your efforts, make sure to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the website that you are planning to participate in. For example, it may stipulate that you should be a resident of the U.S. or Canada. Another common requirement is that the information provided should be real and that you don’t create multiple accounts for one site. Another important condition to remember is that the website is usually not responsible for the offers being made by the advertisers and if there are any charges that might result. So in this regard, you are on your own.

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